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Title Deeds in Thailand

There are many types of title deeds in Thailand such as SorKor1, NorSor2, NorSor3, NorSor3Gor, NorSor3Khor, NorSor4Jor (Chanote) and NorSor5.

Most 2 types of title deeds which are concerned with foreigners investment, legal and safe are Chanote and NorSor3Gor.


Chanote is a premium certificate of ownership rights on land. The land owner purely holds the power, right and control on land title. Chanote was accurately surveyed and GPS plotted in relation to a national survey grid.

Looking to purchase house/villa and land in Phuket, this title deed is the best recommended title.


The land is measured by the Land Department title. The land owners can request with Land office to upgrade this land type to be Chanot title.