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Buying house/villa in Thailand

Considering purchasing house/villa in Phuket, Thailand is perfect choice of retired/holiday home markets. Majority of them appreciate cheap & reasonable land plot size, in nice location (not far from beach, restaurants, facilities, etc…) at very interesting investment buying price. In term of good weather in Phuket whole year round, the owners easily spend time at outdoor private pool, BBQ area and lovely beaches nearby their houses/villas.

Family tenants are also great match of pool villa property, there are large occupied bookings in Phuket both long term and short term on this property type. As an investment point, the buyers easily generate 6-8% rental return per year. Due to demand of pool villa rental, the developers did realize and expand more suitable size villa to serve this mass market. With this reason, it brings land price in Phuket continue increase in past 5 years.

To spend retirement on your selected destination, living cost is a must concern! Phuket is well knowed of nice and cheap food, reasonable & variety of restaurants, cost of infrastructure, health care, hospitals, amenities and activities, all are fantastic appreciated price. This was proved by amount of retirement increasing on this paradise island.

As today, this is a trend of buyers who plan to retire here, they purchase today price. Making money of renting out and end up spend their happy future on nice sea sun sand Phuket.

Tip of buying house/villa:

-Private/In development: To own private villa, you feel free and no obligation on maintenance cost which was need to be settled to the development. You can desire your own way of taking care outside your villa, such as painting color, extend your villa, change some external materials, etc…
To own villa in development, owner will need to response maintenance fee around 4,000-20,000 baht per month depends on development, scope of service from management office, size of land and villa, etc… In return, there is security on site, management office, taking care of common area outside villa, etc… All owners will under rules and Regulations same like apartment project. Then report and consult the management on site of some changing of villa external is part of the owner responsibility.

-Land size: to get villa on rental investment, the buyer can consider suitable easy maintained size of villa and land plot. The buying price is lower than massive land size, then your rental return percentage will of course be higher. Should the owner concern on pets or kids, to get bigger size of land plot will also more convenience and leave the space of your peaceful from neighbors. Since the land price in Phuket continue increase, big land plot villa will win more value should owners require to sell with nice return.

-Pool/garden maintain: the upkeep cost of both pool and cleaning are quite cheap in Phuket. Pool cleaning cost is around 2,000-3,500 baht per month, depends on size. The service is 2 times a week. The garden cost is around 600-1,000 baht depends on landscape size. One time a month is normal practice for lovely garden.

-Ownership structures: the foreigners need to lease land and own construction. However, the lawyer can provide you the safe and legal way to protect your investment. To buy from private person or in development, they could end up with different suitable way of owning (lease land from development company, own land freehold with Thai company, etc…) Please contact us for lawyer advice.

-Off plan or Ready move in: to observe yourself of timing request if you require to occupy soon or this is not an issue. Some decide to go for off plan house/villa which can get lower selling price, choose preferred land plot, change interior, etc… Some prefer to buy touchable house/villa which are more higher price with more comfortable feeling of as seen what they get and observe quality delivered.



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